Funding Guides

As part of a new series of information leaflets from NASMA, the following downloadable guides provide an authoritative overview of the rules governing funding and support that may be available for you, as well as general information about managing your finances as a student.

Versions for 2013-14 (where not listed below) will follow in the next few months.


Cross Nation Funding 2013

If you're starting university as a full-time student in 2013 then you can access a 2013 version of the NASMA coss nation chart here.

Debt Advice

England 2013

Wales 2013

Wales 2012

Scotland 2013

Scotland 2012

Northern Ireland 2013

  • coming soon...


As well as information for Northern Ireland, further guides will be available soon, including the following titles:

  • Financial Entitlement
  • Disabled Students Allowances
  • Disabled Students & Welfare Benefits
  • NHS-funded students


Last Updated: 7 February 2014