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NSMW18 will be held from12-16 February 2018 and the theme is:

'Where I Live'


After the success of our last campaign, we wanted to think outside the box with a theme you could really get your teeth into. Its a big topic, so there is so many angles you can approach it from which takes into account your resources, your student population and your ability to engage. There really should be something for everyone.

The exciting thing about this campaign is that for the very first time we will be working in collaboration with MAS (Money Advice Service) to deliver our most ambitious NSMW yet. So look out for resource packs, supporters and sponsors, timelines, communications and event ideas.

What does the 'Where I live' campaign entail? For 2018 we will be focusing on the link between student housing and finances. 

Choose your stream

For NSMW18, we wanted to highlight the key elements of the campaign. Now these aren’t what the financial capability committee expects you to do, but give you an idea of what you can do. We expect that you will have many more ideas and priorities will be different across the membership.

The strands the Committee have pulled out are:

  • Cost of Renting
  • Tenancy rights
  • Supporting students with finance relevant to housing

We believe that these three themes encompass the difficulties that students face, that lead to more students struggling to stay on their courses, and more students dropping off their courses.

We hope this will encourage you to work with other departments within your institution such as accommodation, the Students’ Union, or another engagement related department. Collaborating with internal and external groups is a really positive thing and I am sure that doing so will add value to your Student Money Week.


Two of the biggest worries and concerns every student has, are how to fund their course and fund where will they be living. If we can use NSMW18 to help students manage these concerns better we’ll hopefully be helping students concentrate on more important aspects such as their studies. 

What kind of things can we do? The Fin Cap Committee will again be putting together a great resource pack this year for you all to use for the big week and keeping you updated through our regular newsletters.

We asked you, and you responded. So we would like to introduce you to WHERE I LIVE 

We hope you are ready to take on NSMW18,  the Financial Capability Committee are and with our support, let’s make NSMW 2018 the biggest campaign ever.

Click on the link below to see our launch video from conference:

Click here for the video script

Click here for NSMW18 Resources Page


Updated:  February 2018