6th-10th February 2017

This year's theme is 'Waste Not Want Not'



Welcome to the Resource Area for NSMW17

The Financial Capability and Research Working Committee have created the following documents:

  • NSMW17  resource pack
  • NSMW17 logo
  • NSMW17 newsletter

The NSMW17 resource pack should help you to plan, prepare and deliver a really successful event - it is packed with tips, ideas and tested resources to help give you inspiration. The NSMW17 logo has been created for you to use on your own campaigns, it has been kept simple so that it can be easily adpated to suit different styles.   And we hope that you will find the NSMW17 newsletter interesting and useful.  All these resources can be downloaded from the links at the bottom of this page.

The suggested activities included within the pack mainly focus on this year’s theme of ‘WASTE NOT WANT NOT’ but you will find other tried and tested activities within the Getting Involved document and of course you may have your own ideas which you want to try.

This is just a basic pack to generate ideas, but we welcome any resources/ideas that you would like to share with the rest of the membership so please let us know.

You will find a list of the Financial Capability and Research Committee within the Resource Area.

Some of the documents are already branded eg Risk Assessment pro forma – these are for reference only, so you can get a feel of the document before you have to complete one. Your institution will have a standard template you can use for any events and activities.

Additional resources will be added to this page as they become available.  Click on the links to download.

 click here to download the pack

click here to download the logo

click here to download the newsletter

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