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Campaign Materials

As part of National Student Money Week 2022, we are pleased to share an array of campaign materials to help you connect with the campaign and join in. 

Campaign Pack

Our Campaign Pack (pdf) is aimed at NASMA members, but can be used by anyone, to help deliver the campaign locally on campuses across the country. It's full of ideas to get you started, and to get the  Sustainable Spending message spread as widely as possible. 

Campaign Logos

The following range of campaign logos can be used by anyone to support the campaign. Add these to your own materials or graphics, or use the image on your social media channels. These are perfectly sized for Instagram posts, but will look great on any social platform. 

Sustainable Spending logo, full colour (png)

Welsh Sustainable Spending logo, full colour (png)

Sustainable Spending logo, greyscale (png)

Welsh Sustainable Spending logo, greyscale (png)


The following range of campaign resources can be used by anyone to support the campaign and supplement you own materials and activity.

Basic Poster Template (pdf) and Welsh Basic Poster Template (pdf): These templates can be used to promote your own campaign activity and are in standard 'A' paper format. They can be edited as needed and printed or used on social channels.

Meal Planner (pdf) and Welsh Meal Planner (pdf): This is a great resource to use as a student freebie. You can edit to include your own service/institution logo and then simply print (A3 is best) and laminate. Used with a dry erase marker, you now have a reusable weekly meal/shopping planner.

The following graphics are simple images designed to be used on your social media channels alongside your own copy. We would expect your team/institution has already developed their own 'voice' for social media and these graphics can be used alongside any copy. These graphics are perfectly proportioned for instagram but can be used on any social media platform. The range of graphics cover various topics in keeping with the Sustainable Spending theme.

Cooking (png) and Welsh Cooking (png)

Dinner Plate (png) and Welsh Dinner Plate (png)

Energy (png) and Welsh Energy (png)

Fashion (png) and Welsh Fashion (png)

Fix (png) and Welsh Fix (png)

Food Storage (png) and Welsh Food Storage (png)

Food Local (png) and Welsh Food Local (png)

Food Travelling Miles (png) and Welsh Food Travelling Miles (png)

Fridge (png) and Welsh Fridge (png)

Meal Planner Promo (png) and Welsh Meal Planner Promo (png)

Recycle (png) and Welsh Recycle (png)

Shopping (png) and Welsh Shopping (png)

Travel (png) and Welsh Travel (png)