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National Student Money Week 2022

We are thrilled to announce that the theme for National Student Money Week 2022 will be Sustainable Spending, taking place the week of 21st February 2022.

If you are an external organisation wishing to get involved, we’d love to hear from you. Please email office@nasma.org.uk

With lots of different avenues to explore, we feel this theme will provide mileage to suit our diverse range of students across the country. Whether the focus is on reducing household food waste, up-cycling projects, or ethical spending, we hope that there will be something for everyone.

Over the next few months NASMA will be engaging with partners across the sector to generate national support for the campaign, as well as producing a NASMA Campaign Pack to give you lots of tools to run this locally on your campus.

For the first time in a number of years, we’ll also produce a campaign logo, and a range of template artwork for you to use flexibly to support the campaign, however you choose to deliver this on your campus. And we'll of course make sure that the ideas we share are reflective of this hybrid delivery world that we now live in!

We’ll keep you updated as plans progress, so please do keep an eye on this webpage for more details and read our FAQs below for some further clarity and detail on the plans so far.

When is National Student Money Week 2022?

We tried something different last year by giving flexibility across the whole month of February, but we are going back to the tried and tested week, which will be the week commencing 21st February.

There is always plenty of flexibility though, so do not worry if that date doesn’t suit you. While this will be when we focus our activity, and any national engagement, we are committed to providing the campaign in plenty of time for you to run activities whenever suits your students best.

Tell me more about this theme!

We’re excited about this one – Sustainable Spending. We’re always keen that we pick a theme that provides a little bit of direction, without being restrictive or niche, and we think we’ve done this here. There are lots of different avenues to explore and we look forward to exploring these in the coming months as we pull together our Campaign Pack.

What kind of partnerships will there be?

We’re currently exploring all manner of partnerships with sector colleagues and look forward to sharing more details soon.

What will the NASMA Campaign Pack look like?

We want the Campaign Pack to give you ideas for developing your own activities, while also giving you the space to do what’s right for you and your students. It will also pull together details of any national engagement taking place, provide suggested posts for social media, and offer a range of template graphics for you to use to support the campaign.






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