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NASMA and the NUS recently launched a petition on the HM Government website calling for students to have their support paid monthly. A move that will help students budget and manage their money more efficiently...

We need your support to achieve as many signatures as possible before October 2014. If we achieve 10,000 voices for monthly payments, the relevant Government Minister will have to respond. If we can get 100,000 people to speak out for improved payments, we will secure a Parliamentary debate on this important issue.

Take action today and sign the petition (This petition is now closed)

When adding your signature do make sure you:

  • log in to your email account afterwards to verify your signature
  • spread the word by sharing your action with friends and family

For more information about why monthly payments will benefit students, read our FAQ's and blog 'It's time to pay students monthly' by NASMA board member Rob Ellis.

No other group in UK society receives income on a basis like this

“While financial education will undoubtedly help, on its own it is not enough.  No other group in UK society receives income on a basis like this; we therefore believe the government and the Student Loans Company should introduce monthly payments to full-time students.  This in turn will mean that students will have an increased opportunity to successfully manage the transition into higher education (HE) and independent living and later into their graduate careers.”

Phil Davis, NASMA chairperson