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The week beginning 9th February saw Universities, Colleges and Student Unions across the country joined forces to promote financial capability and the excellent services provided by NASMA members to students. We’d like to thank everybody who got involved and the number of supporters that provided resources and encouragement throughout the week.

Liverpool John Moores University attempted to help students think about what they were spending money on and effectively throwing it in the potty. Students then had their pictures taken making money saving pledges; in the hope this makes them think about their spending habits. LJMU colleagues also teamed up with their outreach team and spoke to nearly 100 prospective students about all of the financial support available if they went to university.

Working with local and national organisations Southampton University Students Union put together events throughout the week highlighting clever shopping habits and eating healthy. Donations were kindly supplied by Sainsbury’s and a vegetable market that works with the university. Southern Water spoke to students, offering free visits to student accommodations providing information on how they can save money. To end their week Southampton University SU teamed up with The Money Charity to highlight debt and budgeting such as the cost of pay day loans using jars of jelly beans.

Leeds College of Music and their Student Union got involved with the shopping basket challenge and the ever popular Jaffa Cake taste comparison. The students of Leeds agreed that branded products don’t always justify their price. Future HE students were also engaged as Leeds held 5 one hour tutorial sessions to explain the complexities of Student Finance.

In Wales, Swansea University enlisted the help of two student interns to assist with NSMW to lead a marketing campaign. Swansea had a valentines theme to their NSMW asking students “What’s your relationship with money?” The team at Swansea will be relieved to see that their hard work has paid off as their students seem to be doing well financially. A fantastic response to their money survey saw 200 students reply and showed some interesting results. 44% regularly worry about their finances while 1.7% have taken out a pay day loan and 67% had heard of the universities hardship fund.

Image courtsey of The Courier Dundee Edition

Penny the Pig made another outing up in Scotland. Penny and her University of Dundee colleagues spent the week engaging with students with fun events encouraging students not to flush away their money. Students enjoyed free pancakes and created cost-effective ‘Hogs and Kisses’ and paper roses as gifts they could give their loved ones. Penny could also be found on page 5 of The Courier and Advertiser, Dundee edition on the Thursday.

Finally, Edge Hill University ran a competition for their best Valentines card or rose giving the winners a shopping voucher and a Student Grub box for the lucky 5 people who could guess the difference in price of the box and a meal in a restaurant. Edge Hill even put together a trailer to let their students know where to find them.

It was a fantastic week and we hope that a lot of fun was had by students and staff.

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