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NSMW 2013

Showcase Partners 2012-13

  • Coventry University Students' Union
  • Edge Hill Students' Union
  • Leeds University Union
  • Outreach Team, University of Lincoln
  • Student Funding Team, University of Warwick

Details of their planned activity will be uploaded shortly, and the first monthly activity reports will be provided during week commencing 19th November 2012.

Coventry University Students' Union

Post-Event Report

Our report reviewing our NSMW activity is available to download  here


Monday – Thursday “Ask an expert” – various Uni/SU employees are on hand to answer student questions

Monday – Tax for the working student seminar (Powerpoint presentation on a 15 minute rolling loop) as well as giveaways – ‘question of the day’ whereby we pose a question and students vote with a plastic chip – answers will be collated (i.e. would you ever take out a Payday loan)

Tuesday – Chocolate button and jelly baby tasting as well as freebies being given out/question of the day

Wednesday – Make a valentines card, and someone from the CAB discussing payday loans (hopefully)

Thursday – UPCYCLE a T-shirt. Showing students how to make something out of nothing with a few crafty materials.


Planning is coming on well and our NSMW is now as follows:

Everyday will see a table of money saving tips/quizzes/freebies.

Each day we will have a representative from one of the university depts that deal with finance and funding. So Monday might be funding, Tuesday finance etc.

  • Monday – seminar on working students and their tax.
  • Tuesday – chocolate tasting (expensive versus unbranded) – wanted to do pancakes but the logistics were too difficult so went with a ‘Giving it up for Lent’ option.
  • Wednesday – making Valentines cards.
  • Thursday – ‘Upcycling’. We will provide plain white T-shirts and craft materials for students to see how easy it is to ‘upcycle’ something so that it is re-usable.


Since my last update we have recruited a record number of student money doctors for the event and training for them will take place in January. All of our ‘experts’ have confirmed their attendance and so we will be having sessions on accommodation debt, tuition debt, funding and finances throughout the week. We are in talks with the CAB about doing something on Pay day loans and we are busily gathering craft items for the Valentine’s day card making workshop. Pancake making on a budget is still a work in progress.


We are currently attempting to recruit student money doctors to take part in NSMW and this is being done via our volunteering and employability office, our Facebook page and via the CUSU webpage.

We have sourced our ‘freebies’ and have a basic idea of how the week will progress.

We are trying to negotiate with a local supermarket to get sponsorship for the pancake day event we are planning and are looking into costings for craft materials for the Valentines day card making workshop.

Our ‘experts’ will be contacted next week to seek their participation.

Edge Hill Students' Union

>Post-Event Report

Our report reviewing our NSMW activity is available to download here.


With less than a week to go till National Student Money Week we are busy making our final preparations for the week’s events. We are pleased to announce that we have received sponsorship from our local Morrisons supermarket for our ‘Meal in a Bag’ activity which will see students fill in a Money Personality Quiz and in exchange, receive a meal in a bag along with a recipe card and various information and tips about the week and its focus. Obviously by using produce from a local supermarket and detailing the cost of each item, we are hoping it will encourage students to cook for themselves more and realise the savings they can make by doing this.

In addition we are putting the final touches together for our promotional material for the week, to ensure it is well advertised and students are aware of what’s going on. Examples of this are A0 posters detailing the schedule for the week, flyers with similar information, financial tips, an email to all students and a blog from our SU President.

We have also now successfully collated a number of deals around campus for students which will be made available in the form of vouchers for any student who engages with activities during the week. The vouchers include things like meal deals, discounted comedy performances and film showings. The premise behind the idea is to promote students looking for offers and deals before paying full price for things.

Finally we have been looking at how we can incorporate NASMA’s survey on student funding and finances to assist with their social policy work, into our week’s activities. The President will be putting the link out in the blog prior to the event and then SU members will be encouraging students to fill it in via iPads on the various days during the week.


Our update for January is available here.


As discussed in our previous update EHSU has been busy looking at resources for the day and trying to source the props and equipment we will need within the budget we have to work with. We also held our AGM this month and for the first time hosted it in The Hub - the open building where we are based, in contrast to previous years when it has been held in lecture theatres. This was an excellent trial for us in terms of NSMW as we plan to run the majority of the gameshows in The Hub. It gave us information in terms acoustics in the building, setting up and using a PA system in there and the logistics of hosting a big event in what is essentially a public space.

Finally we have just taken on a Marketing Manager who will start in January. This role will obviously be integral to the undertaking of NSMW and we hope that this development will help with the promotion of the event and ensuring it is seen and heard about by as many students as possible.


Since being accepted as a Showcase Partner EHSU have been busy honing in on some of the ideas we set out in our original plan, deciding which game shows in particular we want to do during the week and what needs to be prepared in order for them to happen.

We have also been looking at how we go about engaging students with this. We have decided that as with most game shows, we will ask students to apply for the shows in advance and we will then select contestants for the week. As there will be prizes for the winners it is felt that we can expect a relatively high demand for places which we hope will in turn whip up interest and act as a promotional tool for advertising the event in the weeks leading up to it.

A final aspect we have been looking at this week is working with the Office of Trading Standards to incorporate their ‘Stop Loan Sharks Campaign’ into the week itself. We are hoping to integrate ‘Sharky’ into a number of the activities and have discussed the possibility of having Sharky presenting some of the gameshows, being on our ‘Snakes and Ladders’ board as another method of students losing money and therefore going back down the board and photographing Sharky around campus including waiting outside our Advice and Guidance Centre.

Our next steps are looking at resources and how we go about sourcing the props and material we will need to carry out the gameshows.

Leeds University Union

Post-Event Report

Details of all our activities, including number of students that engaged can be found on our websitehere.


Save Money on Clothes.
We have a few events based on saving money on clothes in the week. On the Tuesday evening we have a clothes swap event that is running in the Love Leeds Charity Shop downstairs in the Union. We are promoting this on the LUU website for student and staff and a facebook event too (so far 84 say they will attend). We had a planning meeting with the shop and the volunteers and things look good for organization- we are also organizing some wine and juice on arrival to hopefully get peoples swapping ideas flowing.

On the Thursday we are working together with Headingly Library to run an upcycling event- so for those who regretted what they swapped or can’t make it can come and upgrade their items. Headingley library have a worker that is skilled in customizing and will help us show students how to keep the same garment updated with latest trends.

Cutting the food bill.
The previously mentioned: “grow your own” stall we are running in conjunction with Bardon Grange is still all set to go. One of the money team has written recipe cards for us to hand out with the pots – these match the seeds students will grow. This is all set for the Monday.

Money volunteer Emma has put together recipes and has plans for her stall on the Wednesday.

After an interesting meeting with Peoples Power our energy saving stall is looking packed with information. We have contacted energy companies for freebees so far E.On and Yorkshire Water have sent things in with more to come. We will be promoting what we have done with Energy Best Deal, ways to save and how to get involved with collective switching.

Student Loan.
On Friday to help promote early application to student loans we have a ‘myth busting’ stall. Our team will be tackling the common misconceptions of student loan and promoting applications so there is less delayed application.

Over the course of the week we will be promoting a competition from the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund and the Money4MedStudents site. This is a national competition so look out for it as if you have medic students they may be interested in applying.


It’s doesn’t feel like long since we last update so really glad a lot of the work was done last year.

We have started to put together one news article advertising all the events. You can see this here

One of the Money Assistants Sam has blogged about the NASMA app to help us promote it. You can read his blog here. We will keep an eye on how many students have read this news article and encourage students to comment if they have downloaded the app.

With the planning for our ‘grow your own’ stall with Bardon Grange and the Clothes Swap with the Love Leeds Charity shop already established we have started planning for our save money cooking stall.

One of our volunteers Emma knows someone at the student cooking blog. Plans are under way to have a frugal cooking stall on one day in the week- giving out menu cards. We are considering giving out samples but need to put together a plan and risk assess it before this is confirmed.

We are also planning our Student Finance myth busting and promoting early application stall. One of our money team is taking the lead on this. Earlier in the year we have tested out some common Student Finance myths so hoping to put those to rights on the stall.

We are also putting together a stall on energy saving. As an Energy Best Deal partner this year we have delivered 3 sessions already and have another 2 planned. This stall will showcase our work in this area and we are looking into getting freebies such as hippos for cisterns to get students excited about saving energy.


Since November, work on NSMW 13 has really gathered pace.

We have developed our recruitment strategy for more Money Ambassador volunteers to work on the stalls. Our big recruitment push will take place over January and involves an application process and an energy saving training session. We are hoping to recruit around 30 volunteers this way.

A number of events have really started to take shape. We met with the project co-ordinator who runs the Love Leeds Charity Shop within LUU. This shop sells second hand items to raise money for our Leave Leeds Tidy work (more information here: www.leaveleedstidy.com ). Plans are to run the event in the evening one night inviting students to come and swap their unwanted for a wanted item of clothing. We are still working on a date but once we have we will advertise to students to get their old unloved glad rags ready to swap!

We have also confirmed with the Bardon Grange Growing Project- more information here:http://www.leedsuniversityunion.org.uk/community/bardongrange/ that we will have a stall together. The stall will introduce ‘grow your own’ to students who are interested in getting green fingers. Caroline- the project grower, will be on hand to students where to start and members of the Advice team are preparing recipe cards to hand out with the pots.

Energy saving is on a lot of students minds at the moment, as the bills are coming in faster than money is. One of the stalls we are planning is showcasing our work with Energy Best Deal this year. We have also started talks with People’s Power (an organization interested in getting cheaper energy http://www.thepeoplespower.co.uk/) about how we can help promote energy saving and money saving when it comes to those bills.

Over the next month recruitment of our volunteers will step up and our marketing and promotion strategy will start to take shape.


Since applying to be a showcase partner we have been getting plans in place to make sure we have a wider presence in the Union for this year’s National Student Money Week.

Since our stall in the Union foyer was the biggest part of our week last year we have booked a more prominent space for this year.

We have been part of the Energy Best Deal programme again and workshops started in November. We are collecting tips and energy saving ideas ready to display on one of the stalls during the week.

One of the focuses of the stall in the week was to bust some common myths about Student Loans. We have started running ‘true or false’ games based on statements about Student Finance on our stalls to see what works and what doesn’t.

Work on planning the clothes swap has started with meetings booked with the Leave Leeds Tidy Boutique (a charity shop in the Union). We’re looking to hold the swap in partnership with them - promoting thrifty and ethical shopping.

February seems quite far away at the moment with many of our students focusing on hand ins, Christmas and exams but everything should start taking off in the next few months.

Outreach Team, University of Lincoln

Post-Event Report

Our review of activities can be found in our blog here.


Our update for February is available here.


Our update for January is available here, and one of our example posters is available here.


The Outreach Team are continuing with plans for NSMW 2013. Their update can be accessed here. Some of the materials  produced for NSMW are as follows:


Since finding out we were going to be NASMA Showcase Partners for National Student Money Week we made the University aware of our Showcase Partner status. This gained positive recognition from the University’s Vice-Chancellor and promoted interest in the week.

Since then our calendar has been filling up with meetings. We have met with our manager to finalise the budget for the event. We also had a great meeting with the University’s Events Team to go through our strategic plan. After the meeting we laid out a new to-do list which confirmed all the essential steps to take in the next stage of our planning. More details here.

At the moment we are working on an additional project in schools which involves promoting positive money management and student finance support. As part of this project we have created a number of activities that may also be suitable for National Student Money Week. We will upload these as PDF files for other universities who are participating in NSMW13 to use. You can see our Money Mayhem game here.

In our next update we will be fully outlining the activities happening on the Monday and Tuesday of NSMW13 and detailing the progression of our to-do list.

Student Funding Team, University of Warwick

Post-Event Report

Our report reviewing our NSMW activity is available to download Here


Our update can be found here, and includes our programme of activity for NSMW.


Since our last update we have been busy producing a new budgeting guide for students as well as encourage new, existing and prospective students to use our Warwick Budget Calculator to help them manage their student income and expenditure.

We are in the process of producing a number of short videos to present during each day of NSMW with the following key themes:

  • 11th Feb - Keeping track
  • 12th Feb - Making ends meet
  • 13th Feb - Planning ahead
  • 14th Feb - Financial relationships
  • 15th Feb - Staying informed

We are planning to have a stand during the week in the Students Union with some activities as list below, more are to follow in our next update:

  • Lucky dip with useful money related giveaways
  • Student funding advisers on hand to offer useful tips/support
  • Ipads linking to our Warwick Budget Calculator with demos showing students how to use and how it can help them budget their income better
  • Know your finances questionnaire


Working with print and design to produce a double sided flyer in shape of calculator to launch our Warwick Budget Calculator. The flyer will be distributed around campus to encourage students to use the calculator.  PDF to follow once designed.

Set up meetings with SU and catering to design some student based activities, budget meals with a romantic twist, flipping financially viable pancakes etc etc - references to Valentines and Pan-cake day on a budget.  Recipes to follow and share.

Developing and delivering a financially focused activity with prospective students at local comprehensive school.  Called Independent Living the activity will help students with their budgeting skills and better understand the challenges students have when living away from home for the first time.  The activity will also cover the current fees/funding scheme.  Resources to follow.  Currently have one school in Leamington who would like the activity delivered on 13th February.

Recruit Post-Grad Research students to help run activities across campus – hints and tips on good budgeting as a student.

Read more here.