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NSMW 2012

NSMW 2012 Review

Having gathered feedback from those involved in NSMW 2012 we have now completed a full review of the week to support our planning for 2013. You can access the full review of NSMW 2012 here.

Press Coverage

In 2012 we received an increased level of media coverage compared to 2011. This was largely due to the support provided my the media team at CCCS. Many NASMA members were invited to participate in radio discussions, and we were successful in reaching many national and regional journalists and radio presenters with information about NSMW.

Showcase Partners

For 2012 we invited NASMA members and Money Doctors to submit proposals to work with us as Showcase Partners, highlighting activities they were organising for during the week. We received some excellent proposals, showing a wide range of plans for engaging students in financial capability activity during the week and beyond.

The following institutions featured as our NSMW Showcase Partners in 2012:

  • University of Birmingham
  • Cardiff University
  • University of East London
  • Leeds Metropolitan University


We are delighted that many organisations and individuals supported the week in 2011. These included:

Posters 2012

The posters below were designed by Coventry University students in 2012 completing the Design Agency Advantage Module. This is an optional module that gives students the experience of working for real clients and helps them with their portfolio for when they have finished their degree. They were given a brief which asked them to design a poster that could be used to advertise activities running during National Student Money Week. Students were given free reign over what was included in the poster but were told that it must include the NSMW logo and that there must be some blank space for services to put their own information on. Students were given two weeks to design their posters in groups. The posters were judged by university and SU staff and students. The winning poster was chosen by both the judges and the students because they felt it was effective in delivering the message and could be used by any university.


Winning Poster (PDF)


£5 note poster (PDF)


It's Easy Poster (PDF)


Money Pig Poster (PDF)

The pictures below show all of the students with their poster entries and the winning group with their poster. The student who designed the winning poster was called Emily Richards. The rest of her group were Hannah Owen, Nicole Maynard, Bianca Mesuria, Christiana Suridu and Ocean Campbell.


If you decide to use one of the posters during NSMW please let us know. It would be nice for the students if they could see their posters displayed at other universities, so if you do use them please send a picture across to use.