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NSMW 2011

NSMW 2011 Review

A review of the 2011 NSMW has been conducted, based on experiences of those organising the week and also using the feedback from those engaged with NSMW activity. The review and appendices are available here:

Press Coverage

We were delighted by the level of interest in National Student Money Week, and were particularly happy with the support we received from external organisations in promoting the work of NASMA members and Money Doctors. The press release from NASMA about the week is available here.

National Student Money Week has also featured on many other websites:


We are delighted that many organisations and individuals supported the week in 2011. These included:

  • AMOSSHE - The Student Services Organisation
  • BrightsideUNIAID
  • Consumer Financial Education Body (CFEB)
  • Credit Action
  • Debt Advice Foundation
  • Experian
  • Family Law in Partnership
  • Hartlepool Financial Inclusion Partnership
  • Higher Education Liaison Officers Association (HELOA)
  • Justin Tomlinson MP, Chair APPG on Financial Education for Young People
  • MoneyWise Newcastle Credit Union
  • National Association for Managers of Students Services in Colleges (NAMSS)
  • National Union of Students (NUS)
  • Resolution (first for family law)
  • Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS)
  • Student Finance England
  • TV Licensing
  • YouthNet
  • Zero-Credit

Support ranged from providing resources available for download both before and during the week, through to promoting the support available for students and work of advisers within Further & Higher Education.


  • "It really helped us promote ourselves as it was clear from the events that people still didn't really know where we were based or who we were even if they had accessed our service."
  • "Raised awareness of who to see and where to go for money advice with students and staff."
  • "It highlighted who we are and what we do."
  • "We had a threefold increase in money/funding related enquiries over the previous week."
  • "The best thing about NSMW was engaging with so many students in a fun way."
  • "We were so pleased about the number of students we managed to talk to over the week."
  • "Overall a very positive and worthwhile experience."
  • "This was an excellent initiative, very glad to have been able to play a part in it."

Example Activities

We were delighted that so many universities, colleges and students' unions were keen to get involved with National Student Money Week. Two examples follow below. Many more examples of activity can be found in the NSMW11 Review.

University of Liverpool
The Financial Support Team at the University of Liverpool are running an event at their halls and on campus for National Student Money Week. This will be set out as a fairground with each stall offering a small game and prizes and one stall offering information and advice.

Maria Bird, Money Adviser at Liverpool offers the following advice “We feel that we reach more students through events. We have found that actually conducting outreach and talking and leaflet dropping to students has a better response than using the internet or posters.  We have also visited local retail outlets and written to organisations for donations to use as prizes.  We recruited volunteers for the clothes swap which has been a major help and we will be doing this again for the ‘Fairground Event’”.

Cardiff University
Cardiff University money week will involve an interactive credit and debt workshop, a money 'hot desk' and a clothes swap shop, a free way for students to update their spring/summer wardrobe.