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Student Funding

Student Finance Wales
The place for information about student funding in Wales. 

Student Finance Northern Ireland
The place for information about student funding in Northern Ireland.

Department for Employment & Learning Northern Ireland
The Department for Employment and Learning offers various types of funding support be it for the individual, employer or training organisation.

Student Awards Agency for Scotland
The SAAS website is the place for information about student funding in Scotland.

Student Finance England
The website is the place for information about student funding in England.

Student Loans Repayments
Student Loans Company repayment website.

General Links

The National Code/ANUK is an accreditation scheme that seeks to improve standards in purpose built accommodation. Standards relate to customer service, safety and management of the buildings.  Students living in a National Code property also have access to a robust complaints process should anything go wrong. To find out more about the Codes, visit:

blackbullion - student financial wellbeing and funding support: blackbullion

An International Students' Guide to UK University (COVID-19) 

Help with gambling problems - Citizens Advice Gambling Support Service project 

Life Works - Guide to free eating-disorder helplines in the UK 

Citizens Advice, help with gambling -  Gambling Support Service 

School Leavers Guide to Getting a Job in Scotland:

A Student's Guide to Mental Health at University: 

University Compare website: 
A comprehensive university comparison site, offering students resources, tools, student discounts and university stats and rankings. 

Clearing website: 
A website which tells you everything you need to know about Clearing and Adjustment and offers an app which allows you to speak to universities directly.

Uni Compare app:  
Download the Uni Compare app and see our service in action. Works for all smartphones.

Course search: 
Our unique course search allows you to see all of the different courses available for students and lets you instantly see the best course for you!

Compare the Market home insurance for students -

The Priory Hospital offer a free addiction assessment with a Priory addiction specialist for both alcohol rehab and drugs.   Call our free helpline to discuss how addiction is impacting your or your families lives.

The Scholarship Hub - Resource which helps students find additional funding from scholarships, grants and bursaries.

Save the Student provide a range of practical advice, including a regularly updated guide to student finance, annual student money survey, and articles about the best student bank accounts (based on both objective criteria and student satisfaction scores), along with tools and helpful apps. Click here for their resources.

"UKAT" - UK Addiction Treatment Centre, staffed by qualified counsellors and recordered addicts - they operate a free helpline

Beginners Guide to Managing your Money  - Money Advice Service

Overdrafts Explained - Money Advice Service

Getting into the Savings Habit  - Money Advice Service

Tips & Tricks to Save Money When Shopping - Money Advice Service

How to Deal with Student Loan and Credit Card Debt after Graduation - Money Advice Service

Help if you're Struggling with Debt - Money Advice Service

Should I Save, or Pay off Loans & Cards? - Money Advice Service

Getting Free Financial Help or Information - Money Advice Service

TaxAid can offer tax advice to students who may feel they have paid too much tax, be starting up in self-employment or have any other tax issue.

Infographics re Cuts to Addiction Services in the UK since 2010. 

Useful guide to managing your finances - This guide helps shed some light on why so many people are in debt today and offer helpful budgeting tips, basic financial management skills, and other practical advice about money.

Student bank accounts - comparison site

Money Supermarket website which is an independent price comparison website regulated by the FCA and Ofgem.  Could be a useful site for students and prospective students.

How Far Does Your Student Loan Stretch? (Infographic)

The Guardian Students

Website from The Guardian for all matters relating to Students. Useful site for students, prospective students and parents. 

UK Council for International Student Affairs
The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) is the UK’s national advisory body serving the interests of international students and those who work with them.

Family Action - EGAS
Information about grants and funding available via Family Action.

Money 4 Medical Students
Information and advice about money management for medical students.

The Brightside Trust
Educational charity providing ementoring, online tools and teaching resources to help inspire, guide and support students make informed decisions about their future.

Student Calculator
Find sources of student finance and build a budget for your studies with the online student calculator

Bright Knowledge
The essential guide to careers, education and student life
Helps student parents plan for University. Site includes useful tips, a budgetting calculator, and case studies.

Low Incomes Tax Reform Group
This leading tax charity sets out how to manage the tax man and ensure you don’t have to pay more tax than you have to.

Last Updated: May 2021