Supporting NASMA

There are over 7 million students in the UK (NUS, 2012). Many of these students will have questions of some sort about their finances during their studies. This will vary from those that aren't sure what to put on their funding application, those that enter university with existing financial commitments, individuals hoping to improve their budgeting skills, and students considering their finances beyond their studies. Support is available for these students in universities, colleges, and students' unions, and also from the National Association of Student Money Advisers (NASMA).

NASMA is a registered charity, with the following aims:

  • to advance education about student finance and disseminate good practice in respect of all areas of student money and student finance advice; and
  • to relieve the poverty of students through the promotion, provision, and support of professional money advice for higher education students in the FE and HE sectors, with particular emphasis on student finance, and student debt; and
  • to provide advice, information and training to student money advisers, and administrators of discretionary funds and bursaries.

NASMA rely on income from membership subscriptions and training attendance to fund development of resources and support for NASMA members, the wider advice sector and for students.