Manage your money, don't let it manage you!

Posted: 11-02-2013

Despite all the current issues around student funding the National Association of Student Money Advisers (NASMA) are keen to let students know that you don’t need to get into financial problems to survive as a student. There is advice available as well as financial support.

National Student Money Week (NSMW) is an exciting initiative building on the weeks organised by NASMA in 2011 and 2012. The week will highlight the excellent work currently being undertaken by practitioners and the range of support available for applicants, students and graduates in UK further and higher education. The key messages are that support is available, and that students should apply as early as they can for funding that may be available to them.

NSMW came about because we want everyone - students, parents, the media, politicians and the public - to know about and celebrate the financial support and advice offered in universities, colleges and students’ unions across the UK. The week provides a chance to take a positive message to the widest possible audience and contribute to the collective voice of those working to support current and prospective students and to improve the financial capability of students.

Universities, Colleges, Students’ Unions and many other local and national organisations across the UK are actively engaged with National Student Money Week. There is a wide range of activity taking place, with some institutions organising roadshows to include competitions and prizes, others running drop-in sessions, and some delivering training to academic staff about the importance of financial capability and awareness of student funding issues. For 2013 we have a number of Showcase Partners who have been providing regular updates about their activities -

With the recent student funding changes, the obstacles to entry to Higher Education are being discussed more than ever before. NSMW 2013 will play a crucial role in addressing the myths about student funding, at the same time as providing accurate and accessible information and top tips for students.

Through promoting the excellent work of advisers and fund administrators in universities, colleges, students’ unions and agencies in local communities we expect to reach applicants, enrolled students, and those about to graduate with the positive message that support and advice is available.

As pointed out by Phil Davis, NASMA Chairperson, student funding is a concern for many but support is available to address those concerns:

“Our membership assists students, especially those with non-traditional or complex situations, in maximising the funding available to them. Unfortunately, some aspects of the student finance system are more complex, but NASMA money advisers are able to provide information and guidance to help students receive their entitlement. Not only that, but our membership also works to ensure students manage their finances more effeictvely, and explore alternative sources of funding as well. National Student Money Week will provide proactive and engaging activity at institutions across the UK, to promote the support available.”

Finances needn’t cause you worry when you are a student if you plan ahead and take some advice about managing your money effectively, and do all you can to maximise the money available to you. There is support available throughout the year to help you with this, and during National Student Money Week students can learn about money, win prizes, and learn that funding can in fact be fun!


More Information

For more information, or to get involved, please contact NASMA using the details below:

Jo Gibson, Strategy & Development Manager, National Association of Student Money Advisers (NASMA)

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NASMA is the National Association of Student Money Advisers.

There are over 600 NASMA members in all four countries in the UK and collectively NASMA are recognised as the leading authority on all matters relating to student advice and funding.

NASMA is a registered charity in England & Wales, acting as a focus for information exchange between practitioners in the field of student funding, bringing together professionals from across the sector and encouraging the free exchange of ideas. They work closely with national decision makers and their influencers on student finance policy. In addition they work with other relevant sector organisations to promote the needs of students, student money advisers and fund and bursary administrators NASMA strives to relieve the poverty of students through the provision of advice, information and training. NASMA aim to provide for the public benefit, the profession of student money advice.

The first ever National Student Money Week (NSMW), which took place in March 2011, organised and co-ordinated by the National Association of Student Money Advisers (NASMA).  You can read the review at The follow-up week in 2012 reached even more individuals and the review can be accessed via the same link.

NASMA are providing a range of supporting documents for practitioners around the country to help them support students. These are available at and include tips and resources. During the week NASMA will be providing details of what is happening at different locations around the country.