Staying Safe

Throughout December we will bring you information and top tips for staying safe.

As a student there is so much going on. Lectures to get to, coursework to complete, new people to meet, money to can sometimes seem like hard work to think about your safety. And it's not just your personal safety now that the dark nights and icy mornings are creeping in, but also your financial and online safety.

NASMA will be working with the Financial Ombudsman and the Stop Loan Sharks team to bring you top tips during December. There will be things that will not only help you this winter, but that could protect you for the rest of your life. We hope you find it helpful. The case study below highlights just one of the common issues that students face.

Check out these articles for more information:


Financial Ombudsman Case Study

Tara brought a new laptop on her credit card – just six weeks later it developed a fault and started shutting down without warning. She went back to the shop that sold her the laptop, which explained it couldn’t help – she would need to send the laptop off to the manufacturer to be fixed.

Tara was in the middle of a busy study period and couldn’t afford to lose any study time while the laptop was out of action, so she brought a new laptop.

Once her exams were over Tara had her laptop inspected and was told there was a problem with the ‘motherboard’. She contacted her credit card provider and asked for a refund for the faulty laptop. Her credit card provider told her it couldn’t help as it was not responsible for the quality of the laptop.

The ombudsman service explained to the business that as Tara had brought the laptop with a credit card, legally it was jointly liable for any ‘breach of contract’ by the supplier. It was clear in this case that the laptop supplied was not of the required quality - we therefore asked the business to refund the cost of Tara’s original laptop.