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Showcase Partners

We will promote the work of our NSMW Showcase Partners using the NASMA website, smartphone application and social media accounts, they will also feature in NSMW-related press releases. To assist us in doing this our Showcase Partners will provide a brief monthly summary of how planning is progressing towards their NSMW activity. These reports will be summarised on this webpage, and act as a useful guide for those that have less experience in organising pro-active engaging financial capability activity for their students.

Showcase Partners 2014

University of the West of England

UWE have been working over the year to promote financial capability to their students, and during NSMW plan on:

  • Integrating NSMW activities into UWE Feel Good February event for the first time.
  • Activities include: free  sport/yoga sessions, payday lending campaign, ‘value’ shopping basket, jaffa cake testing, cooking on a budget (sessions with catering), repeated stand-alone sessions from the UWE FUTURES programme (budgeting, tax, pensions etc), repeated sessions from Accommodation session, and an info stall with money saving tips.
  • Big push for ‘Graduating your Finances’ to final year students, including information on benefits, council tax, student overdrafts vs. graduate loans etc.

Birmingham City University

BCU has a wide range of activities planned spanning the 4 weeks of NSMW. Details of which can be downloaded here.

Dundee University

Dundee has arranged a very extensive 4 week campaign for NSMW and further details can be downloaded here





Last Updated: 18 February 2014